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will evolve
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but here goes.

– Dr Joseph DeSouza

Updated 20181217 – just an academic with a blended family.

Joseph DeSouza
Joseph DeSouza

Greetings, Welcome to Calumet College. As your Academic Advisor, please consider me as your first point of contact. Feel free to treat me as an older brother or as mentor who will help you discover a path leading to success at York University and/or to whatever lies beyond. Whether you feel like you are soaring above the crowd or fumbling over each set of hurdles as they appear, you’re welcome to come by and chat. I will be around frequently and you should normally find me waiting in Calumet
College Rm 233 from 3pm to 4pm on most days.

I’d like to meet you. Please come by and say “hello”. A student who went on a exchange with International York told me some hilarious stories of his journeys to France. Please come by for a chat.

An academic career is a journey of discovery that often leads to an unknown and unexpected destination. On that first day of classes most of us are excited about the prospects for the future and have ideas about who we want to be and where we want to end up. I was accepted into university as an engineering student, however within the first year, the first week, for that matter I had decided the program was not what I expected. I then switched into General Science. By second year, I was in an
Economics Program and by my third year I had made a final switch into the Psychology Program leading to a PhD in Neuroscience.

This journey included working many part-time jobs to help pay for my education. But in the end, I was fortunate that campus life allowed me to build life long friendships, reach many academic successes, and finally discover a direction in life that has now led me here to Calumet College. It is the proverbial frosting on the carrot cake. Working as an Academic Advisor lets me repay all my mentors and friends who have — and still do — guide me through my successes and help advise me when I fail. As we all know, life is about successes and failures. So all we can do is try and maximize
the successes and minimize the rest. Getting involved with extras curricular activities is a great way to build the positive momentum and a way to meet like-minded individuals who also want to succeed.

Over the last 20 years, I have been involved in many activities and campus events. I have played and organized sports activities like squash, ultimate Frisbee, broomball, flag football, soccer, badminton, softball and/or just a game of catch. I will keep my ball, 2 gloves and Frisbee waiting in the office. For a chat, a game of Frisbee or a piece of philosophical carrot cake, you may reach me via phone 416.736.5098 x22237, or Facebook using my e-mail calaa@yorku.ca.

Dr. Joseph DeSouza

Other advisors in Faculty of Health

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