Xzaavier@day108 & Father’s Day

Xzaavier@day108 & Father’s Day

Do the list day

We cleaned the barn enough to dig out the lathe to be able to teach the kids how to make bowls

We enjoyed spilling espresso at Grackle Café – thanks Amanda for the awesome present “a new shirt”

We are baking two chickens for the first time in our new donated BBQ (thx Hènri – for connecting it). The chicken’s tasted awesome and so did the baked Brie and raspberry&blackberry topping. Jady got this idea from Country Zen Yoga’s Bbq on Friday night.

After getting the barn cleaned up enough so we could move out the lathe to it’s new position where I could teach the kids how to use it. We headed out to support the 3rd annual Father’s Day MS car show in the Agricultural park on bike.

I quickly downed a beer and ice cream sandwich while the kids climbed on the bouncy castles and paid for face paint.

Headed home for Bbq chicken and tomato / cuc salad.

We were then ready to head to crappytire to buy a badminton and table tennis set but it was closed so
Then to water park and basketball with a couple and four kids plus a fiancé & boyfriend. Jady learned how to play 21 with the family. We signed up for piano lessons ran through the water and headed home to eat crackers and Brie. Was awesome!

Now to make the bed – get Xzandre out of my bed into his. Looking forward to the last 1.5 hours left in the best Father’s Day EVER! I just can’t help but think how rich my life was with my friends and family members in 2001 to 2005. My own dad died a few years later but he was not a father to me since ~1978. But now my thoughts wander to people like Oliver Sacks whom I never met but read some of his books / articles. Read two obituaries about him – one written in the NY times by Norman Doigde. And this day made me ponder whether a man like Oliver Sacks, whom never was a father, wondered what it might have been, can’t wait to find his memories he wrote in his last few years.


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