Had a great day at Parkinson’s Society East meeting


The last 24hrs was one of the most gratifying days of my life. Was invited to give a talk at the Parkinson’s East Regional 8th annual meeting. met many new people and 1-2 potential new colleagues!!!

Found out my first cousin had her Bella baby almost on the ride to hospital at 9am. nothing better than a new life joining our family.

simultaneously our lab’s (www.joeLAB.com) honours projects were being presented in Toronto

you would not believe how fate would have put us together after 3 years but I sat beside one of the ballerina’s we scanned learning choreography over 8 months. She just finished dancing in the Ballet “Alice in Wonderland” in Ottawa and was commuting home. We talked and reminisced until I was exhausted and passed out. THAT is the first time since an overnight train from Rome to Barcelona last century (1998) that I slept so deeply – I must have snored like crazy – great Canadians are so polite.

As I got off the VIA train found out we got our second paper published this week! congrats Sowmya ET al & Chan ET al. we also resubmitted one other manuscript. Nice production lab!

To top off my commute from Ottawa via taxi / ride by Ginette / VIA / subway / rocket / drive from Blackcreek I got pulled over at midnight but the office was nice. no ticket!




Artsy shot





Yoga demo was great







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