Wasting energy instead of using your own muscle energy

as I was walking into the office this morning after a beautiful seemingly spring morning I noticed a perfectly able bodied person use an
Automatic door opener.


Notice it is warn out with a very tired looking. I am sure it is pressed 99% of the time by able bodied people.


3 thoughts on “Wasting energy instead of using your own muscle energy

  1. I hear what you’re saying. I too would probably think the same thing, because it’s an automatic assumption, that someone who looks perfectly able-bodied, in fact is. However, persons with disabilities can have invisible physical disabilities which can make opening the weight of a door too painful or difficult to do if already in pain; or one or both of their arms have little to no strength or can be numb; or they can be fatigued to the point that doing something seemingly easy as opening a door can make them more exhausted. The list is long. I’m sure that a great many people do use them when they shouldn’t, however there are some people who use them and you’d never know why. Just a thought after reading your post.

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