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First days at school

just got the two older kids ready for the first day of school of xzandre’s life. As parents we prepare our kids for this first day. we tell them things while getting ready for daycare – something xzandre did from 4 months of life till now – is “his” school while big sister gies to her school. But now they got on together together. I think Jady was more excited to have her first little brother get on that bus to ecole st. jean. Jady woke him up, dressed him, we ate egg & Bacon, packed OUR lunches, danced TO Michael Jackson, looked At a shiny beetle, and waited for the bus At the gallery.

i already after 5minutes miss both my kids but this is just the first stage of development. Will have a guinness with the kid tonight in celebration.


Jady noticed a beetle


xzandre bought this sweatshirt for his brother for 1$ 2 days ago from the neighbourhood consignment store “The Purple Door” that opened on sept 3rd but likes it so much that he wanted to wear it to school on the first day



JAdy hollers “here comes the bus”.

more to come….see picts thus far…..
See video’s for More fun [really long video 68megs]

see older videos of xzandre’s life

some old ones
worms, dancing, dancing2

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.20.26

after going TO the Schomberg Pub with natchos and guinness we Head TO the IGA and saw a crazy Dark cloud formation that looked like a tornado was headed TO Newmarket.
Jady started TO cry i want my mommy.
we bought 3 bags of veggie sticks and went TO the bibliotech TO get GREASE.



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