I am very happy that it is Tuesday since our Dance class is at 10am I typically wake up very early today


Also enjoy my long drive in traffic with Drill squad


Today’s dance class was personally very stimulating with new future colleagues attending for the first time (Carole, kelsi and penny), finding out Karen was awarded a grant from BRAVO to do her documentary, dancing the showdown with a new dancer (Suzy) for the first time and then meeting her family, sadly announcing the death of a dancer (Harriet- see Obit), at tea time talking and introducing the new colleagues with others, being a subject for Gaby’s EEG experiment, then receiving a children’s book from Judy that we spoke about a few weeks ago, the being sung by Mary Grace and David a children’s song that I never heard before, then travelling with Penny to a community centre near her home.

Just so much caring and fostering that right now I can not sleep with all the positive energy!

Off to write some more with tea and date triangle



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