my interview with Beatriz Calvo-Merino

My last stop on the UK dance “learning” dance tour is at City University London

It was fabulous to discuss our common research goals and B. is interested in the signals from PMd. She also introduced me to a PhD student interested in dance movements and emotional responses.

Let’s examine amygdaloid. anterior Insula.

Some ideas

Log onto – subscribe to the BLOG

See activity of hippocampus (Gaby/Daniela),

PMd – should be there for watching but less visualization task.
PMv – did not get activated as strong as PMd but was evident (at P<0.05 uncorr)

See Cross studies for their learning studies. Q1. how long did they learn? Did they get BG?

Use BG from Brown et al 2006 study or from our motor wiggling maps.


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