jeff f woodman

10 years since PhD
— UofIowa – Luck
pillsbury 1908 – book
Logan 2002

Chelazzi et al 1994;98
really only evidence to show – elevated response – selectivity

electvAred – sailboat picture
VWM – visual working memory – Chelazzi et al 2001; Kusunoki etal 2009
– lots of dual tasks
Carlisle & Woodman 2001 JoCN
– see Tuesday morning talk

woodman2010 attention, perception & Psychophsica; Luck 2005

N2pc – ipsi contra
C1 – visual cortex
P1 –
LRP lateralize button pushing

Vogel & Machizawa 2004 Nature
CDA – contralateral delay activity
– more taRgets get a larger
Carlisle, Arita & Woodman 2011 JNeuro

– can measure VWM – CDA big = faster
like preparation

/// look at this paper // has preparation signals that are predictable

CONSTANT TARGET – CDA is gone since the instruction is always there since you are using LTM it is gone

Can you watch this template change during learning/////
It would switch to another object to look at short bursts of learning across runs of trials.

watch CDA disappear and also see RTs speeding up – should be due to LTM taking over

wants to watch the handoff of VWM to LTM
– is there some ERP studies with LTM

Voss, Schendan, Ken Paller 2010 NeuroImage
Looked at ERPs to people
— looked back in data for P170 from 150-200ms
See increase LTM

– let’s do what we can do
– reward helps (see papers).

Reinhart & Woodman (submitted)
low reward trials then on the fourth hit with a high reward trial – get faster RTs

CDA looks lateralized


where questions about CDA is coming from?

Helmholtz knew this – inverse problem
EEG inside monkey scanner
Muscle creates noise in EEG
– muscle noise from drinking
– putting gold pins in the skull
– Lfp – summating and propagating
Reinhart et al JNeuro INPRESS
CDA is lateralized to left HEMI

recorded SEF, FEF and SMA
FEF AND SEF – preceded CDA
but SMA showed no difference

– Reinhart et al TUESDAY

monkeys have ERP – see Woodman papers


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